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‘Unladylike: A Grrl’s Guide to Wrestling’ Fully Funded

Congratulations to Heather Bandenburg whose book Unladylike: A Grrl’s Guide to Wrestling has been fully funded on Unbound, a Kickstarter-like crowd funding site for books. Due out next year, it has the following blurb:

Most wrestling books are about the stars of the industry – this one isn’t. Unladylike offers an honest and comedic insight in to the world of independent wrestling from the perspective of one angry, overweight woman following a dream she didn’t know she had. Unladylike is structured around the last five years of my wrestling journey, using it as a backdrop to explore both the hidden and overblown world of wrestling. It also talks about women’s bodies; cabaret in Underground post-recession London; forming unlikely friendships; generational ennui; pushing boundaries and personal politics. It is written for both an existing and new wrestling audience in a way that hasn’t been attempted before – sitting squarely within the narrative non-fiction genre with influences of both sport writing and feminist thought.

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