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Recent Release Roundup

Here are a few titles released in recent weeks that didn’t get advance listings and thus weren’t in the weekly release schedule. Note that I’ve decided not to include wrestling-related titles that are primarily erotica, of which you will find plenty in the self-published field.

The Road To The Show Of Shows 2018 Ultimate Edition: How WWE Pulled Off A Loaded WrestleMania With Even More Of The Controversy, Steroid Allegations, And Rusev Day Celebrations by Aaron Varble

This edition of the book includes everything the regular one does and so much more. Now you can get every single aspect of what it took to pull off one of the greatest WrestleManias of all time including way more details and in-depth chapters focusing on some of the biggest stories during the time such as Ronda Rousey’s journey to WWE, Daniel Bryan’s journey to being medically cleared, Paige’s journey to retirement, the evolution of Rusev Day, what happened to Enzo Amore, and so much more. This edition also includes a special chapter focusing on the steroid documentary that threatened to derail Roman Reigns’ ascension to the top and how he narrowly escaped it just before the Show Of Shows. This edition includes all of the wit and reference material as the first but the Ultimate Edition is definitely the one any real fan needs to have. Bonus Chapters ONLY Included in this Ultimate Edition: • Complete play-by-play for Raw’s Christmas Episode and Raw 25 • The 2nd Destruction Of The Shield • The Jon Bravo Factor • Another Tragedy For Paige • What Happened To Enzo Amore? • The Ever-changing WWE Cruiserweight Division • How Ronda Rousey Met WWE • The Great Daniel Bryan Saga • The Raw After Mania • The SmackDown Live After Mania • And much more

The Ring Walk by Brett Simenson

The Ring Walk is a stunning new coming of age novel about forbidden love, a great heist caper, and Andre the Giant. Set in Philadelphia in late 1979 and early 1980, this book features a number of characters from history as well as one of the most original and compelling young narrators since Holden Caulfield. If you’ve got Wrestlemania mania this weekend, there is no better treat for you or the fans in your life. A rare book that treats the matches of your youth with the joy and passion that they deserve, the Ring Walk is essential for any fans of pro wrestling, both modern and historical. When Flex Italiano and his charming hustler of a father show a little moxie and get involved in a scheme to steal a priceless ancient vase, they get drawn into a world of gangsters, con men, and carnies. Through his father’s job with the state athletic commission, Flex meets some of the his television idols, including the legendary champion Bruno Sammartino and the iconic Andre the Giant. He also explores Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood, the Spectrum, and the pain and pinfalls that happen to every teenage boy. Fans of “Red Green Turns Dollar Blue” and “The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity,” the novels of Dennis Lehane will love this new book by Brett Simenson.

WWE: How To Become A WWE Referee by Ahab Goldberg Mesmar

Just Released – A WWE Book for the WWE Universe teaching you How To Become A WWE Referee. So much information and Step by Step Action to tell and teach you how to become a wwe referee. Filled with amazment everywhere, packed with everything you need to know about WWE Referees is this amazing book. Check out its chapters on preview and get ready to get stunned. This Mad Book contains pictures to help you and show you the process of becoming a WWE Ref and Facts you never knew about the daily life of a WWE Referee. We also included our first time ever female referee Jessika Carr and we dig deep behind closed curtains and closed doors as we share with you the inside stories and the inside scoop if your interested in becoming a WWE Referee. We also get to show you what WWE Refs do and what they are in core level, stuff you wouldnt normally know about including the things that WWE Refs are allowed to do including their immense Power in the ring. You thought WWE Superstars have all the power in the ring, well .. think again, because what your about to find out will shock you and your perception of the WWE will change once you know the roles WWE Refs play, because its not only a 1..2..3.. and all is all. Its actually MUCH more than that because they actually control the flow of the Match, The Timing, The Silent information they recieve from the back curtain to their ear piece to quietly tell WWE Superstars on what they need to do next in the ring and so much more. Once you crack open this Book, you will have new eyes and So much respect for WWE Referees that you’ve never had before, Dont Miss out on this – Order Your copy NOW & Find Out !!!

To Be The Man: Evil Ain’t Good: Chapter 2 by Jared Vaughan Davis (Author), Josh Taylor (Illustrator)

The boys are gonna need more than the Five Moves of Doom to get outta this one! With “The Gargoyle” and “Fabulous” Frank surrounded by a horde of zombie rednecks, the boozy bruisers will have to break out their movesets to get out of the graveyard and back on the road. But before they can hit their finishers and count the “1-2-3,” Grimes and Hazard have a bigger opponent to contend with… There’s evil afoot, and it wants championship gold!

Family Bacon Rasslin’ by Scottie Richardson


Mike Mooneyham (Professional Wrestling Columnist for The Post and Courier. Co-Author of Sex, Lies, and Headlocks. Member of the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame) “Family, Bacon, Rasslin’ is a nostalgic look at pro wrestling as seen through the eyes of a longtime fan who takes the reader from his childhood to the present day. If you’re wondering just how the bacon fits in to the title, you’ll have to get a copy to find out. This fun read will strike a resonant chord with mat followers who couldn’t wait to tune in to their favorite sixty minutes each week!” Jim Valley (Professional Wrestling Podcast Host, Author, Master of Ceremonies, and Radio Personality) “I found Family, Bacon, Rasslin’ very relatable as I had similar experiences with my fandom especially the magazines. All in all, it’s very good, easy to read, and captures the feeling of being a fan in our era.” The Duke from Duke Loves Rasslin’ (Host of Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast, Twitter @DLovesRasslin,, New episodes of the Duke Loves Rasslin podcast can be heard after 11pm EST every Thursday on YouTube, ITunes and most other leading podcast apps) “Family, Bacon, Rasslin’ is a collection of hilarious stories involving a dedicated pro wrestling fan, Scottie, and his cast of interesting characters aka family. The book chronicles various twists and turns that occurred in the lives of Scottie and his family from before he was even born to present day. The work is more than a wrestling book. It’s really a family book with some wrestling stuff thrown in ~ better than a wrestling book!”

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