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News Round-Up

Several bits of news to catch up on:

Craig Marks and Rob Tannenbaum, who previously wrote a history of MTV, are working on an oral history of WWE. They plan on interviewing 300 people for the book, but the most intriguing news is that Vince McMahon has agreed to be interviewed at length. No word yet on a release date but this doesn’t appear to be a rush job.

The Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia graphic novel series will now continue through Starburns Industries Press, a new publishing wing of the animation studio that produces Rick & Morty. It will be a six-part series. We previously reviewed the initial instalment.

The Kendo Nagasaki autobiography is now available for pre-order with a UK release date of 1 November. It’s listed under Nagasaki’s real name and described as “honest and absorbing”, so still looks to have potential.

Sean Oliver, the man behind the Kayfabe Commentaries interview videos is releasing a book with an unusual angle. Fathers’ Blood is a series of narrative profiles about the children of wrestlers and the strains that the business can put on their relationships. You can read a sample passage online.

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