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Ken Shamrock Book In The Works

Jonathan Snowden, author of Shooters: The Toughest Men in Professional Wrestling, has written a new authorised biography of Ken Shamrock and is now seeking crowdfunding to publish it.

It follows on from Shamrock’s original MMA autobiography/how-to guide Inside The Lions Den. The blurb for the new book reads:

There is no shortage of material on Ken Shamrock. He’s written two books and done countless interviews and documentaries. But, despite millions of words and hours of video, any exploration of his life leads to more questions than answers.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a superstar on the road with WWE, where the strip club VIP room is always open and drugs are just what you do to get from one day to the next? Or what happens behind the scenes when negotiating with UFC President Dana White or WWE legend Vince McMahon?

What drives a proud man to continue stepping into the ring long after he can do so with his head held high? Why did Ken’s adopted brother leave his teammates in the Lion’s Den behind? And just how real was Pancrase anyway?

You may think you know the Ken Shamrock story. You do not—because it’s never been told.

Until now.

Pardon our french but, simply put, it’s a wild f–king tale, the story of a man who came from nothing, conquered the world, then lost it all again. Now, with the strength of his faith to help power him, he’s finding his way once again.

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