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Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia: #1 – A Date With Destiny

Very much a scene-setter, this initial instalment of a graphic novel series has promise, though it’s hard to draw too many conclusions about where it’s going.

Without wanting to go into too many spoilers, on the face of it the initial issue is about “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rory Landel”, a fast-talking heel from the territorial era who loses his spot when the business switches to a family-oriented style. Passed over for world title status, he declares himself the galactic champion, something that we later find out has attracted the attention of an alien lifeform that is (presumably) 15 light years away.

Alien elements aside, the storyline is plausible enough from a wrestling perspective and there’s some nice references to real world characters and locations to watch out for. The problem with recommending future instalments is that there’s no real indication of how much the focus will switch from the world of grappling to science fiction elements.

The artwork is effective enough, with the style closer to caricature that cartoon, and the use of colour is particularly striking and atmospheric. (Obvious as it may seem, while this is available on Kindle as well as print, it’s best saved for either tablets or the web viewer rather than the standalone monochrome devices.)

Read on Kindle (

Read on Kindle (

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Recent Release Roundup

Here are a few titles released in recent weeks that didn’t get advance listings and thus weren’t in the weekly release schedule. Note that I’ve decided not to include wrestling-related titles that are primarily erotica, of which you will find plenty in the self-published field.

Pro-Wrestling: Trainingsguide by Gerhard Hradil

Hardly a fighting sport split the mind as well as professional wrestling. Again and again it is claimed that everything is just show and no one get hurt. With over 50 different techniques, this book gives an insight into the technical foundations of this beautiful, but also very hard show-sport. Historical data, impressions, and other content are intended to clean up some of the prejudices that affect pro wrestling. YES – Pro wrestling is real martial art YES – Pro wrestling is show YES – Pro wrestling hurts

Dixieland by Matthew Cullifer

Set in the dying days of the cutthroat professional wrestling territory system that once dominated the “rasslin’”landscape, Gene and his two adult sons, Doug and Robbie, own and operate Dixieland Championship Wrestling at the local farm center, where every Friday night folks come from all around and eagerly drop their paychecks on rasslin’, popcorn, and cold beer. Dixieland takes us behind the curtain, focusing less on the in-ring action and more on the machinations and politics that are unseen by fans like 11 year old, Garrett Dawson. The changing economics of wrestling brought by cable television has led the Turners to seek a television deal with a local network, but soon they run afoul of a psychotic, rival wrestling promoter determined to crush his competition. Now, not only is Dixieland in jeopardy, so are their lives. Dixieland is a big-hearted southern gothic thriller. It’s also the story of fathers and sons and the stark differences between surviving and living.

Dead Jed 3: Return of the Jed by Scott Craven

After a rough first year at middle school, Jed could use a relaxing vacation. But the 12-year-old zombie finds nothing of the sort when he and his best friend Luke joins Jed’s dad for a trip to Mexico. Border agents stop the tourists when Jed’s undead dog Tread trips the chupacabra alert. A mysterious man comes to Jed’s rescue, but his motivations are suspect. Why such interest in a 12-year-old kid and his dog? Jed thinks the man knows more about the undead life than he lets on, but the zombie’s concerns vanish when he’s caught up in another adventure, this one involving a traveling team of wrestlers. Just as Jed get accustomed to being torn limb from limb (literally) by his opponents, the zombie faces a life-changing decision that can change his very being. He is forced to contemplate living la vida muerta.


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Release Schedule (11 November)

One new entry this week, Russell Wrestles The Relatives by Cindy Chambers Johnson and Daniel Duncan:

Everyone loves family reunions. Well everyone except Russell, whose family of big, brawny, and boisterous wrestlers has him on the run in this vibrant celebration of what it means to be a family.

When the Relatives Came meets Wrestlemania in debut author Cindy Chambers Johnson’s rollicking picture book about a family reunion with a most colorful cast of characters—from Lorry and Tory (the Twin Tornadoes) to Cousin Cora “The Cleaner” to Uncle “el monstruo” Marcoy.

Family reunions mean lots of hugging, handshaking, and hair tousling. And Russell’s relatives? Well, they are more…enthusiastic than most. BIGGER than most. BRAWNIER than most. They’re wrestlers! Skinny and scrawny Russell will have to meet, greet, and defeat this clan with some spectacular moves of his own!

Titles in bold are new additions. Titles in italics have changed release date in the past week.

17 October: Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling by Jim Ross

17 October: Saint Mick: My Journey From Hardcore Legend to Santa’s Jolly Elf by Mick Foley

8 November: Wrestling Dreams by Colt Cabana and Erica Weisz

8 December:  Professional Wrestling in the Pacific Northwest: A History, 1883 to the Present by Stephen Verrier

7 January 2018: Identity in Professional Wrestling: Essays on Nationality, Race and Gender by Aaron D Horton

30 January: WWE Vol 2: The Lunatic Fringe

6 March: WWE Superstar Guide, 2nd Edition by DK

13 March: The Book of Booty: Shake It. Love It. Never Be It (It’s Twerked for Us!) by The New Day

3 April: WWE: Then. Now. Forever. Vol. 1 by Dennis Hopeless, Box Brown et al

12 June 2018: Russell Wrestles The Relatives by Cindy Chambers Johnson and Daniel Duncan

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Brian Pillman Biography Coming Soon

Liam Rourke has unveiled an upcoming book titled “Crazy Like A Fox – The Definitive Chronicle of Brian Pillman 20 Years Later”, due out at the end of the month.

An alpha male with a beta body, looking to thrive in worlds where beta males with alpha bodies are the primary requirement.

He was a complex paradox, a walking contradiction. He lived more in 35 years than most do in a lifetime, the product of an arduous infanthood. His overachievement is awe-inspiring. Tales of his conflicts and conquests became the stuff of legend. His borderline genius and tragic demise made him an icon shrouded in mystique.

He was Brian Pillman, and two decades later the most comprehensive look at one of professional wrestling’s most fascinating stories has been compiled. Discover unheard details of his upbringing, the incredible story behind chasing an NFL roster spot and his introduction to pro wrestling in the crazy Stampede circuit. Revel at his trials and tribulations in WCW and the WWF, walking the fine line between the cusp of superstardom and political turmoil. Reflect in the most detailed, inside breakdown of his Loose Cannon gambit ever produced, the scam that turned him into the talk of the business, before fatally drowning in personal tragedy and addiction.

With exclusive interviews with some of Brian’s closest friends and family, Crazy Like A Fox is a must-read for Pillman fans, and a breathtaking look at the bizarre world of wrestling to boot…

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