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Release Schedule 6 July

One new entry this week, WWE: Then. Now. Forever. Vol. 1 by Dennis Hopeless, Box Brown et al:

This anthology contains a wealth of new comics content, celebrating the versatility and diversity of WWE throughout its various eras.

Going beyond what you get to see on TV and Pay-Per-View, WWE: Then. Now. Forever. is an anthology collection taking fans through the greatest moments of Sports Entertainment history! From legendary Wrestlemania matches to sizzling Summerslam feuds, the biggest and best moments are highlighted, showcasing fan-favorite superstars like Dusty Rhodes, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Razor Ramon, Daniel Bryan, Sasha Banks, The New Day, and more!

Featuring an all-star roster of writers and artists including Dennis Hopeless, Box Brown, Jim Rugg, Ed McGuinness, Rob Guillory, Dan Mora, Andy Belanger, Jorge Corona, and Daniel Bayliss, this anthology celebrates the rich history of WWE throughout the years.

Titles in bold are new additions. Titles in italics have changed release date in the past week.

1 August: Superhero Ninja Wrestling Star by Lorna Schultz Nicholson (Check out our review)

1 August: How to be a WWE Superstar by DK

8 August: Wrestling’s New Golden Age: How Independent Promotions Have Revolutionized One of America’s Favorite Sports by Ronald Snyder

15 August: WWE Vol 1 by Dennis Hopeless

29 August: No Is a Four-Letter Word: How I Failed Spelling But Succeeded in Life by Chris Jericho

5 September: Mad Dog: The Maurice Vachon Story by Bertrand Hebert and Pat Laprade

19 September: Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte by Ric Flair & Charlotte

3 October: Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling by Jim Ross

3 October: WWE Absolutely Everything You Need to Know by DK

17 October: Saint Mick: My Journey From Hardcore Legend to Santa’s Jolly Elf by Mick Foley

21 October:  Professional Wrestling in the Pacific Northwest: A History, 1883 to the Present by Stephen Verrier

31 October: The Book of Booty: Shake It. Love It. Never Be It (It’s Twerked for Us!) by The New Day

8 November: Wrestling Dreams by Colt Cabana and Erica Weisz

30 January 2018: WWE Vol 2: The Lunatic Fringe

6 March: WWE Superstar Guide, 2nd Edition by DK

3 April: WWE: Then. Now. Forever. Vol. 1 by Dennis Hopeless, Box Brown et al

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